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May. 13th, 2003

Wow -- I've been negligent to my poor BLOG. This past weekend I took a bike ride up to New Hampshire to celebrate the first birthday of Robin's daughter, Emily. The party was great, and it was the first time I got to see Emily in person! On my way home, I discovered something -- New Hampshire does NOT have a helmet law!! Yippie!!!! I love riding without my helmet from time to time (when it's safe to do so.) I took the "long way" home (Route 28) and got to see everything from Salem, NH, to Andover, MA (yes, the home of the northeastern IRS processing offices!; and yes, I did put my helmet on when passing the state line!)

Friday prior to this, I went out to watch X-Men 2 (X-2) at the cinema. It was a good flick! It wet my whistle for the Matrix Reloaded, which I will be seeing with Kelley and Bruce on Saturday in Rochester. Following X-2, I went out to the Boston Eagle for a couple of drinks. It's so strange going into the bar when it's busy and not seeing a cloud of cigarette smoke hovering above... The new smoking ban went into effect on May 5th and people are doing very good with it! I met someone from Cambridge who was another Solaris system administrator -- we hung out together until last call and then I gave him a bike ride home. It was a fun night, and the first time I have been out of the apartment in the evening since April.

Sunday I did basic shopping and chilled out at home. Being Mother's Day -- I called home to wish my mom a good day -- she reported that there were nasty thunderstorms and a tornado watch in Rochester -- Yikes! Later that evening, we got the rain.

I'm starting to get ready for my bike trip to Rochester -- I'll be there on the 16th through the 19th. I'll be at Motor on the 16th for karaoke night (Anthony's 522 no longer has karaoke, as they didn't pay Carl) -- I don't think Anthony's will survive without it, it was the last thing that was financially holding the place together.

More soon...

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