Chaz Antonelli (mc4bbs) wrote,
Chaz Antonelli

What a fun weekend! Last Friday I had a bike ride to Rochester planned, but due to severe rain east of Albany, I popped to the US Airways website and burned off another 25k in frequent flier miles for a round trip flight to Rochester! I do love flying, even if the security screening sucks.

I left Logan at 7:30pm, and arrived in Rochester at 9pm. I got my rental car, and off to pick up Bruce for an evening of Karokee! Since Rain (owner of Anthony's 522) failed to pay over $3,000 due to Carl (the karokee dude), there is no karokee at Anthony's anymore (I think that will kill that bar!) So we changed our plans and went to Motor -- a new karokee D.J. was the host, and she was GREAT! Jamie was her name, support her if you can! Kelley, Gina, Ben, Pam, and Terry all came along!!

After karokee, we went to the Forum for a couple of cocktails. Rick was pouring the shots kinda heavy (when will I learn!?!?) and Bruce nor I remember much after that!

Saturday Bruce made breakfast, and we went to see The Matrix Reloaded with Kelley. It was a fun movie, it was a good movie -- but I have to wait until November for part 2!! :-( After the movie, Bruce and I headed over to Luis' (my former officemate from work) house for an authentic Mexican dinner! Yum!

Later that evening, it was over to the Forum again, this time for Rochester Rams' barnight -- even though CanAm weekend was cancelled, due to a request from Monroe County Health Department on account of the SARS scare, barnight was packed. It was nice to see lots of my friends from Rochester.

Following barnight, we headed down to Al & Dans for the night. Bob and Tom from Ohio were already there, but everyone had gone to sleep early. It was bizarre sleeping without ANY noise or light whatsoever.

Sunday was a special BBQ for the Rams and friends. It was a very nice day. Lots of sun and relaxing was the plan. Sunday night we headed back to Rochester (an early night for me as I was going to work in Rochester the next day.)

Monday I went into the IBM data centre and had breakfast with my manager and attended my morning meetings. I spend the rest of the morning with my folks and my cousin (whom I have not seen in over 10 years.) My Dad made me a really nice home baked loaf of bread, and let me drive his Corvette for a little while (weeeeeeee!) I caught up on stuff with my parents and then headed out to have lunch with Bruce before my departing flight.

It was a packed weekend, getting home to Boston was a bit depressing after all the fun I had. I've spent the last two days catching up on work and sleep.

Tomorrow is a huge bike rally at the State House ( I will be attending with hundreds of local bikers. The Helmet Choice Bill (Senate 1363) Ought to Pass says the Joint Committee for Public Safety (JCPS) by an 8-2 majority on May 15, 2003. Cross your fingers!

Friday, I fly to Chicago for IML ( -- that's the International Mister Leather Contest. I used to be a vendor there for RCL several years back -- this is the first time I'm going without the store, and volunteering at the event! Bob F., Terry M., and David C. are joining me!

More soon...

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