Chaz Antonelli (mc4bbs) wrote,
Chaz Antonelli

Just got back from IML ( in Chicago Monday night it was a GREAT weekend, saw lots of folks I haven't seen in a long time and got into all sorts of trouble!! I never made it to Rochester on Friday, I opted for a voluntary bump to another flight for a free US Air ticket and got diverted to LGA (New York City.)

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I got the sniffles and I'm still coughing like a dying dog -- I'm sure it's alergies from all this travel -- maybe a touch of a cold. This coming weekend is my BIG bike trip to New York City (ECMC) Bike Christening and Biker Picnic! I'm hoping for good weather...

F.Y.I. A fun web cartoon has come back to life from the dead!! Ruski & Bunny! (Rated NC-17: Drugs, Violence) My favourite strip to date is still episode #1 where they are watching Calvin & Hobbes and Bunny says "Ruski... that Calvin kid is talking to his toy tiger again." -- they continue to stare, and on the last panel Ruski says "Maybe we should stop selling fu**ing acid to him!!" ;-) He he he... There are only 20 stips to date -- so it's not like the Jay series from Flem (that has 500 panels!!).

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