Chaz Antonelli (mc4bbs) wrote,
Chaz Antonelli

Blogger changed the way I input data into my BLOG. Looks like it WON'T work with Netscape 4.71... I had to load friggin M$ I.E. Grrrrr... Some change is NOT good!!!

Any ways, more on the new house!! For those of you that aren't aware of my living situation here in Boston, when I moved here in February, I moved in with two Northeastern College Students for the remainder of their lease (which expires August 31st.) Basically, the pros are: Cost was low [considering the location], less than 1 mile from both the Ramrod and the Eagle [now you know where my priorities lie -- *snicker*], next to a major subway (T) stop, in the trendy "South end" part of Boston, restaurants and services close by, and the view is great from the 6th floor! The cons are: Mass Ave. is VERY noisy day and night (sirens, loud trucks rolling by from the big dig, traffic in general), roommates that are about ½ my age ACT about ½ my age, and a nasty smelly cat (singing Phoebe Buffay's song "Smelly Cat" to myself [from Friends]) in their room in the apartment [yuck!]

The new house I'm looking at is in Mission Hill; just 2 miles southwest from where I am now. (To see this in the form of a MAP, cut & paste this web address:

It's a GREAT house on a quiet, one-way street with a private sun deck, four roomy bedrooms, a new kitchen, and a washing machine and drier on premises!! And the best news??? It's CHEAP for a four bedroom apartment! Only $2195.00/month + utilities. If we can get two more people to move in the vacant bedrooms, the monthly cost (including utilities) will be $618.75!! Currently, I'm paying about $795.00/month.

I need to get the one or two additional house mates SOON so we don't lose this house to another renter... Any ways, that's where my apartment hunting is currently at.

In other news; the new club I founded "Boston Area Bears", now has over 100 members; and we've shortened the name to "The Boston Bears" -- we also established our own URL (which will make it easier for folks to find us!) This weekend there is a Bear Barnight at the Ramrod on Friday; and a Bear Barnight on Saturday at The Alley. Not to mention that tonight, Thursday the 26th is the Slashdot Meetup. A busy weekend of socialization!. Oh, yeah -- at 3am on Sunday, I have to come into work to physically move a Sun Server too. The fun never ends!!!

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