Chaz Antonelli (mc4bbs) wrote,
Chaz Antonelli

Well, I went to our (the Boston Bears) Happy Hour (every Friday from 5:30 to 7:30pm at The Alley) tonight. It was quite busy; but as the usual folks who know me (and one that was going to meet me) didn't show up, it was a pretty sucky evening. It's things like this that make the reality that I truely am alone, even in a city of this size. How I wish I was in New York at times like this...

I downloaded the last episode of Star Trek: Voyager (Endgame), as I have wanted to see it for a long, long time. I'm glad I did -- It was great. My dad called about 1/2 way through, and I helped bring him into the 21st century by assisting him in installing KazzaLite K++ and Real One (I think that will keep him busy for a while...) ;-)

While assisting him, I was checking out some of the free streaming media -- and found SPAM RADIO, something that Chris Chiesa and I would have done as a project if we had the spare time - - - it's computer genorated speech speaking nothing but SPAM messages that they receive (completely unscripted) with a music bed of new-age music. It's bizzare just how addictive it can be... I must start playing this at work, if not for the strange looks I'd be bound to get... Check it out! He he he... believe it or not, there are TWO feeds!

Tomorrow I pack up and move my server (tower), on Monday evening it will be back online. Obviously, my ftp site will be offline during the move. Tomorrow night is Boston Bears' Barnight at The Alley - - after tonight, I really don't know if I want to go. Maybe I'm in a foul mood because of working over 60 hours this week? Could be...

Check out Spam Radio, let me know what you think.

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