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No New York Trip.... :-(

Sorry about the late post... I've been quite busy.

Last weekend was a busy one -- starting with Boston Bears' Happy Hour on Friday, a nice gathering!! I met a man from Chicago, who was very nice -- I hope to see him again when I go to IML next month. Later that evening, I picked up Omar, who was going to stay at my apartment for the weekend. You might be asking, who's Omar? During the fiasco in New York City, when Derek and I couldn't take the plane and ended up in the Port Authority to catch a Greyhound bus back to Boston, a young guy was in the same line as we were with a gay/lesbian marriage rights sign. We chatted a bit before boarding the bus. He was on his way to the State House to protect all week long. We exchanged business cards and chatted about several gay rights issues. I heard from him on Thursday in Boston, he called because his friends that he was staying with were going out of town -- I offered my place to him. He had been to several protests all week long.

Saturday evening, my roommate Dennis and I went to the Gay Fathers of Greater Boston dinner/benefit held at the Hotel Lenox. A very nice hotel, and the ballroom the event was held in (The Dome Room) was very lavish. The photo on the left is Dennis and me. Click on the image for a bigger view.

Saturday night, Omar met me at the Lenox and we picked up a pizza on the way home. We watched Saturday Night Live (which I have not seen in a very long time.) The host was none other than Donald Trump, which is why I wanted to watch it so bad. I have been following "The Apprentice" since it began, and have been an avid fan of the show. The skit they did on Omarosa was hilarious!!

One of my friends, Tom, sent me a link to a video by Jonny McGovern (The Gay Pimp) it was funny, check it out if you have a broadband connection... Strange video, but quite cute.

This weekend I should have been in New York City, but I'm feeling under the weather, and also oncall this week, so I backed out of it. It really sucks, as it's going to be a great time. It's the MetroBears' 9th Anniversary weekend. Oh well. I have learned that when I feel sick to stop and rest, otherwise it will get worse. Besides, this Sunday Derek and I are doing a benefit at Jacque's for MassEquality. I need to be in good shape for it.

More soon...

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