Chaz Antonelli (mc4bbs) wrote,
Chaz Antonelli

Friday: I went to Happy Hour, hooked up with a few of folks from the Bear's group -- I didn't stay too late, and went to dinner with Tom afterwards.

Saturday: My bike should be ready, I called them and started heading to South Station (to catch the Commuter Rail to Framingham); I ended up waiting at South Station calling several times to ensure it would be ready (it wasn't) and having lunch there. It's an hour plus train ride from South Station to Framingham, and then a $10 taxi ride to get to the shop. Good thing I waited! I went back home and forced myself to go to sleep, as I would be up all night...

I woke up about 9:00pm and headed down to the Ramrod to meet Steve (Fozziebear) and his friend. What a nightmare -- I forgot about the Bruce Springsteen concert at Fenway Park!! The place was a madhouse. I had to park over a mile away and walk to the bar. Fozzie arrived about 1/2 hour later. Derek stopped in and had passes to "Machine", the disco (club) in the basement of the Ramrod. I'd never been there, nor had any interest before, except for tonight -- they were having a "Foam Party!!" This was a professional foam party, which looked something like this. Intrested in doing your own foam party? Check this site out. It was a blast! After about an hour, I was soaked and bored with the concept and went back upstairs to the leather bar (where the sights were far better!)

About 1:30am, it was time to head into work... Saying my goodbyes, I headed to Braintree to move 12 UNIX servers into their new home. The move went well, although I was not completed until 6:30am -- I went home and crashed, setting my alarm for noon.

I headed to Mike's for the afternoon in New Hampshire. I wish I had my bike, it was a great day for riding!!

I've been calling the shop everyday to see what the status on my bike is -- it looks like that tomorrow (Wednesay, September 10th) it will finially be repaired (at a cost of $950.00) -- cheaper than a NEW bike, but still, that makes the total almost $2,000.00 in repairs/maintenance to my bike this season. Oh well, there goes my deposit on a NEW bike for another two years. Guess I'll just have to break down in the Spring of 2004 and buy that new exhaust system for my bike that I was looking at! (he he he)

I'm starting to plan my travels for the 2004 season... So far I'm looking at doing: one week in Fort Lauderdale (at some point in December 2003 or January 2004), one week in Porto Valliarta (Mexico) with Dan, Al, Chris, Keith and Clyde [Finially!! -- I've been invited to this vacation for the last four years, and have not been able to go, supporting a household]; and finially, in March, I'm still planning on returning to Saint Maarten with Bruce. I do love that island, with or without Johnny!

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