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Practise Safe Surfing!


If you're going to surf on a computer, you should have protection these days! I avoid many Google products now for privacy's sake. My home page is which allows you to configure your home screen to show RSS feeds and other items of use (like Google used to!) I also use DuckDuckGo extension as well as in the search default, as they do not track you. I use Firefox (not Chrome nor I.E.) and my standard Firefox extensions (add-ons) include:

- DuckDuckGo Plus
- NoScript (blocks scripts XXS and more)*
- AdBlock Plus (stops banner ads and more!)
- Saved Password Editor **
- Cookies Manager+
- Video Download Helper (downloads nearly anything)
- Downloads Window (old fashioned download window)

* NoScript is a pain to get used to and configure your whitelist at first, then you'll never know how you surfed without it!! Well worth the PITA.

** Saved Password Editor allows you to peek in your Firefox saved password database, make corrections/changes, save passwords on websites that typically don't allow your browser to remember a password and more.

With Mozilla Firefox, do take advantage of the CTRL+SHIFT+P to browse privately from time to time when you want no evidence left in your system or on theirs!

On your computer's desktop side, ClamWin ( is a FREE and awesome anti-virus tool. Note: it will sometimes report a false positive, which can be easily checked for free online at I'd rather have a false positive, check it, then filter it than have it miss something entirely, wouldn't you?

And lastly, DO NOT SURF without MalwareBytes installed! Go to to purchase this tool, it's the best!!
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