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Friend-Worthy? Nope.

I've been in an unfriending mood on facebook recently as my odometer prepares to click another year by. Today, Mark Strickland, a gay and recently self-admitted, self-hating christian has won that spot. Mark is quick to point out how awful gays are and how oppressed christians are.

Well I've had enough of his selective censoring on his wall and I don't want to see his shit any more. Gone.

I was further amazed to see we have 51 of mutual friends, such as Carl Wildman, Scott Bukovac, Scott Erickson, Mark Groaning, Joe Jervis, Daniel Birnbaum, Patrick Kellogg, The Buffalo Bull Dogs, Larry Warnow, Aaron Sheppard, Michael Polsenberg and others!

Of course, I'm not going to tell anyone who they can and cannot be friends with, but as they say, "birds of a feather" -- and you shall be judged on the company you keep.

Mark Strickland was once a cool guy, but ever since the Supreme Court's ruling to allow same-sex marriage nationwide was announced, Mark has been on a rampage of right-wing hate that I can no longer brush off as being "a phase" and I, for one, will not be involved with someone so full of hate and bile.

This post was originally on facebook, but was removed. I've moved it here for posterity.
Tags: birthday, frenemy, strife, venting

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