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12th Anniversary of my Boston move...

Yes, I'm still alive!

I just posted the message (and photos) to my facebook wall.

The 12th anniversary of my move to Boston is upcoming!

It was the day after Valentine's Day in 2003 when I packed up my most important personal items, records and clothing (which filled 14 medium boxes) and loaded up the U-Haul with them, my 1100 Yamaha Virago motorcycle and a cheap, used Saturn automobile and with the help of Kelley Liese, I left a toxic home behind me for fresh start in Boston, MA. I was very depressed and couldn't stop crying -- my life, as I had known it had ended. The challenge ahead: start over, alone.

I shared first South-End apartment for six months with two college students, one straight female and one gay male. Photos are attached.

I started a blog at http://blog.chazhome.com/ on 3rd March 2003: http://blog.chazhome.com/2003/03/03/ to try to cope with the depression and isolation. After being unable to find any social clubs to integrate with, I chose to 'lead by example' and founded the Boston Bears on 31 March 2003. The Alley Bar opened soon after that, then we passed gay marriage and the Red Sox won the World Series for the first time in over 80 years (coincidence? no!) smile emoticon

When my temporary living situation was over and I moved in with Dennis Ford at 135 Willard St, Quincy, MA in July of 2003. I had already come a long way with my healing in those six months; however, I still cried nearly every day. It would be almost a year later when I moved into my condo at 25 Gothland St, Quincy MA 02169, taking Dennis with me as my room-mate. My life was turning around for the better after 18 months.

... the rest is in my blog.


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Jan. 30th, 2015 03:17 pm (UTC)
Sentence: Six years in Boston...
Yeah, I must admit that as great as Boston is for history, touring, medicine and educational purposes, it's a "tough nut to crack" if you're trying to make friends.

Boston (and New England in general) behave like a bunch of small villages packed together. I was told "People from the South Shore don't go to the North Shore" when I moved to Quincy, which I thought was silly. I discovered that these little communities tended to be very prudish and prideful, choosing to remain in their 'village' their entire life with no wanderlust nor desire to meet new people whatsoever.

Boston/Quincy allowed me time to regroup and rebuild. I spent a lot of energy since the 1980s on Multicom-4 and its members, Rochester Custom Leathers and its employees and customers, the Rochester Rams and the leather community, Alex J in Ottawa and Johnny I in Rochester and all of their respective connections. I was burned. I shuttered everything in my life except for Johnny, his additions, wants and needs. When he betrayed me, I was completely crushed.

I jumped at an offer at work for a three-year assignment in Boston just to escape. At the very least, I was giving time to myself to reflect and recharge.

I was very happy to return to New York City. There are mostly open, honest and friendly people here who are willing to make new friends. The energy of the city recharges me daily. Public transit is dependable and 24x7x365. There are plenty of clubs, activities, groups and bars here too!

Yes, Boston allowed me to stage my triumphant return to New York. It taught me a thing or two about the true value of friendships and not to shut out possible new friends. Boston hardened and fortified me. Every once in a while, if I feel someone it taking advantage of me, you'll hear a little bit of my Boston accent, temper and behaviour come out! (It's a good self-preservation tool once in a while!) :-)

I'm on my way to Boston TODAY to transfer planes to Bangor for SnowBear 2015. Perhaps I'll see you there?
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