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Welcome to 2014!

The 1st quarter of 2014 is coming to a close and almost all the snow has melted finally!

As I mentioned earlier, the age of blogging appears to be a thing of the past. God forbid someone writes more than one sentence of text -- it will be passed over. This is not accusatory, it's simply the truth. I too am guilty, having of become accustomed to glancing at keywords and skipping over most posts. We live in a short-attention span world, and the "elevator pitch" to sell your idea online is probably less than three seconds now.

Still with me? Amazing!

I've become somewhat active on facebook, looking for me there? I'm at -- facebook is a nifty social medium, but it lacks subsistence. Furthermore, their terms of service and hidden agenda of data-mining people to the Nth degree and selling that information to whomever wants to pay for it is kinda scary.

I just posted a fresh version of "Where's Chaz", showing all of 2014's travel plans to date. There's a lot of travel in the works for 2014!

Empire City MC is turning 50 years old this year, which means there are a LOT of club events in the calendar as well... Our first event is "Biker Weekend" over Memorial Day Weekend, then our annual Bike Christening & Biker's Picnic. August 2nd-10th will be a week-long trip to Deals Gap, NC and October 10-12th will be an in-town anniversary run and dinner cruise on a private yacht! Interested in any of these events? Go to and check 'em out!

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