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Gearing up for Rochester Rams Run & Toronto Trip!

Oh well, 2013 has been a disappointing year in the world of leather/motorcycle clubs.

At the last minute, the Baltimore Shipmates cancelled their annual run (Keelhaul) -- then, a few weeks later, the Knighthawks MC of Virginia also cancelled their annual run (which would have been their 20th anniversary!) All due to low registration. The Rochester Rams' Run is this weekend and apparently only 25 people registered for this year's run, a run which used to get an average of 100 men.

The recent lack of club event registration can't possibly be attributed merely to joblessness. Times have been changing and traditional club runs aren't appealing to our younger generation (those folks who have their faces constantly buried in their smartphones whilst walking, talking to others or clubbing).

Some dramatical changes need to be made, and quickly -- or these wonderful, real-life social (and very often sexual) events known as "runs" will go the way of the dodo. Time to re-invent the club run guys!

Tomorrow we depart on the motorcycles for The Ranch in Hemlock, NY (MAP POINT C), then Friday we go to the Rams' Run (MAP POINT D), on Sunday we head to Toronto (MAP POINT E) -- here's the ride map:

If you're coming to the Rams' Run or live or will be in Toronto, let me know! We'll be in Toronto until Wednesday morning.

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