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Happy New Year -- 2013!

Wow - I've been neglecting my blog.

Since my lay-off at NYSE (many others were let go as well), I've been busy job-hunting in between various short trips to Rochester, Washington DC, New Hampshire, Boston, even quick trips to Hawai'i and Istanbul.

As always, my schedule is online at

If any of my loyal readers has any clue as to potential careers for me, please drop me a line. I've a wide breadth of commercial I/T skills from UNIX Administration and I/T Project Management to Service Delivery and Transition Management.

I'd prefer a work-from-home with 50%-70% customer-facing travel position, but I am not restricted to that -- whilst at NYSE, I was in my New York office 95% of the time. I would not want to travel daily outside of the range of the New York Subway/New Jersey PATH network.

Hear of anything? Let me know!
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