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14 days to go...

In a mere two weeks, my Service Manager job at the New York Stock Exchange comes to an end. :-(

I've several opportunities for a new career on the horizon, I've interviewed a few times at few places, but you all know how that goes -- you might hear back, you might not. Many positions I've interviewed for in the past few months have the same old story -- they haven't got the funding for the position at this time.

Oh well... I'll keep looking and networking. Perhaps I'll get a little time off to travel once again. It's been over a year since being in the U.K., and I miss my mates there!

Speaking of the U.K., Dave Pike (from Nottingham, England) arrives next Wednesday for a two week stay! We've got another whirl-wind tour planned:

- Arrive in NYC
- Travel to The Ranch in Hemlock, NY and meet up with folks
- Rochester Rams' Run
- A two-day side-trip to Toronto, Ontario
- Back to NYC for a few days
- Off to Oxford, PA to attend Centaur M/C's Olympia Run
- Back to NYC for a few days
- Dave departs NYC for England (and will sleep all the way!!)

Phew! Sounds like a fun two weeks, eh?

Sorry I haven't been posting to my blog much lately -- I have been somewhat more active on facebook, but it always feels like a pop-culture ocean of useless facts and diversions; whereas my blog is a bit more dedicated to the important things in my life.

I've been very busy with work, future work interviewing, home life with K.K., Empire City M/C, New York Bear Den and weekend trips all over the place!

Check out some of the new photos from recent trips at

Riding season is rapidly coming to an end, please wish for dry weekends for all my upcoming trips! See you on the road!

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