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14 days to go...

In a mere two weeks, my Service Manager job at the New York Stock Exchange comes to an end. :-(

I've several opportunities for a new career on the horizon, I've interviewed a few times at few places, but you all know how that goes -- you might hear back, you might not. Many positions I've interviewed for in the past few months have the same old story -- they haven't got the funding for the position at this time.

Oh well... I'll keep looking and networking. Perhaps I'll get a little time off to travel once again. It's been over a year since being in the U.K., and I miss my mates there!

Speaking of the U.K., Dave Pike (from Nottingham, England) arrives next Wednesday for a two week stay! We've got another whirl-wind tour planned:

- Arrive in NYC
- Travel to The Ranch in Hemlock, NY and meet up with folks
- Rochester Rams' Run
- A two-day side-trip to Toronto, Ontario
- Back to NYC for a few days
- Off to Oxford, PA to attend Centaur M/C's Olympia Run
- Back to NYC for a few days
- Dave departs NYC for England (and will sleep all the way!!)

Phew! Sounds like a fun two weeks, eh?

Sorry I haven't been posting to my blog much lately -- I have been somewhat more active on facebook, but it always feels like a pop-culture ocean of useless facts and diversions; whereas my blog is a bit more dedicated to the important things in my life.

I've been very busy with work, future work interviewing, home life with K.K., Empire City M/C, New York Bear Den and weekend trips all over the place!

Check out some of the new photos from recent trips at http://photos.chazhome.com/

Riding season is rapidly coming to an end, please wish for dry weekends for all my upcoming trips! See you on the road!



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Aug. 18th, 2012 04:09 pm (UTC)
14 days to go...
My friend, there is not a question in my Mind that it is only a matter of time before you have a new position of employment.

Although I have only known you for a few years, I see how committed you are to people and to providing great service. You bring a lot of Great Energy to a place.

The tide shall turn and when it does, you can say, "Robert, you were so right!"

Have a wonderful weekend, and I definitely wish for you dry weekends.

As always,

Robert Alvarez.
Aug. 19th, 2012 08:27 pm (UTC)
Re: 14 days to go...

Thanks Robert!
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