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Biker Picnic & Hard Drive Success!

Before everyone goes overboard and says "I told you so", yes -- we did have some rain over the ECMC Biker's Picnic. All in all though, it wasn't that bad, considering! We had rain on the return trip home from Dresden, NY to Waverly, NY (60 miles) -- we stopped several times when the rain got hard and took our time -- once beyond Waverly, we were in good shape (except for a mechanical problem on one of our guests' motorcycles which slowed us down to ~50MPH).

The ride up to Hemlock, NY was fantastic (and dry!) -- riding up NY-97 was picturesque! Lunch in Hancock was great -- we were the stars of the day as they waited on us hand and foot! We arrived in Hemlock on time to see K.K. and crew preparing dinner and h'orderves for us all -- and we were all ready for a cocktail!

We were served a dinner of steak, chicken and a vegan dish for one of our guests which rivaled some of the best restaurants in New York City! We played billiards, had cocktails, did some well-deserved hot-tubbing and from the rumours I heard, Heaven (the playroom in the barn) was busy until very, very late!

Breakfast was served like never before at the ranch -- breakfast burritos with eggs, steak, chicken and cheese covered with an enchilada sauce! Yum! Again, K.K. and Tony's meal planning really paid off for the group!

We began our return home around 11:30, but due to the ominous sky -- a few of our guests opted to go their own way and try to race the clouds home. You know the rest -- about 60 miles of rain, several delays awaiting the rain to pass, then clear and dry all the way home...

When I was laid off from IBM in 2008 and returned my IBM Thinkpad, I felt as if half of my brain was removed -- whilst working at IBM, I started becoming more dependent upon portable computing -- my laptop completed my life, providing communications, scheduling, music, photos and more. The same day I learned of my lay-off, I went to eBay to search for a replacement Thinkpad. I found a T61 (which would work with all of the adapters and devices I personally purchased) and be a replacement for my IBM laptop. That T61 has been my primary computing device since 2008, and although my suite of software and the data contained upon it might have altered a bit since then, it's been a trusted device.

One tends to accumulate things as they age, this fact true is even more so with a computer! I started to notice that my original HDD was getting close to the full-up mark about six months ago. Even after deleting things I felt were not essential, I was having issues keeping the drive from becoming 100% full.

I purchased a new 2.5" SATA 750GB (3/4TB) hard drive to replace the original 144GB HDD. The new drive arrived last week. I am now happy to report after several failed attempts, as of this morning, I have successfully cloned the old drive to the new drive and expanded the primary partition -- injecting additional life into my four-year-old laptop! It was an exciting moment when I booted it up and everything worked!

I'm so proud of myself for accomplishing this task on my own!

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