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Goings on... Come along, won't you?

Yeah, I know I've been relatively quiet on my blog again... It's just a side-effect of living a busy life.

The Where's Chaz" website has been updated to include all 2012 dates up to, and including the end of the world (or year's end), whichever comes first.

To recap a few things that have past:

  • The Ranch will not have full-time DSL/Cable Broadband Internet anytime soon. The order we placed in December was not installed due to technical restrictions; however, when I am at The Ranch, I have purchased and tested a portable 3G/4G WiFi Hotspot from Ting that does work at The Ranch, although I have to pay for usage to the tune of 2.25¢ per MB. If you're at The Ranch while I am there, I can assign you a WiFi IP address and bill you for megabytes used -- just ask.
  • Empire City M/C and Excelsior M/C hosted a joint barnight at the D.C. Eagle over MAL weekend. It was fun for all, plus we raised some much-needed cash for the clubs! Photos here.
  • In February, the last few things 'connecting me' to Boston have been severed -- the Boston Bears remain my only affiliation, but knowing New England's mentality and lack of community, I don't expect much.
  • K.K., Albert, Dan and I had a fantastic ten-day trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico -- a well-deserved vacation far away from work, cold and snow! Photos here.
  • The Long Island Raven's celebrated 20 years of existence in March at their annual run. Almost all members of ECMC attended our pre-dinner cocktail party! Photos here.
  • At the end of March, a group of ECMC members made the trip to The Ranch to test-ride what was to become our 2012 Biker Weekend -- more about that at the bottom of this blog entry.
  • ECMC joined up with the NJ Eagles for a group motorcycle ride to Rehoboth Beach, DE! Photos here.

    Upcoming features:

  • Rochester Rams' Can/Am Weekend (sold out) is rapidly approaching. I hope the weather will finally break, as it's been unusually cold these past few weeks! If you didn't get your weekend run pass for Can/Am, don't fret -- you can still join us for barnight on Saturday, but only ticket-holding guests may come to The Ranch for the after-party and BBQ.
  • Memorial Day... Who knew I'd be home for once! My former roommate, Dennis will be coming to visit NYC over the long weekend! This should be fun!
  • June 1-3rd is Empire City M/C's Annual Biker Weekend. Bike Christening and Blessing at Ty's at 7PM on Friday, followed by a road trip from NYC to The Ranch, then back to NYC the next day -- meals and accommodations included! Time's running out to register for this event, go to, download your Biker Weekend run application, fill it out and send it in today! Space is limited!
  • Come see me at the New York Bear Den every 2nd Sunday of the month! The NY Bear Den recently merged with Bears' Abode, and the result has been fantastic! We've accomplished our long-sought-after critical mass to keep the group energized and active!
  • See Empire City M/C (ECMC) and the NY Bear Den at Folsom Street East, 17th June 2012 from 2pm 'till 7pm.
  • Then there's the Canada Day/Independence Day Celebration at The Ranch. (If you're interested in going to this event, please e-mail me!)

    Well, that's about it for now -- check out the Where's Chaz" website for other events -- let me know if you're interested in coming along!
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