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The Ranch to soon be in the 20th Century?

Say it ain't so... Albert and I put in an order for broadband (DSL) for his home (The Ranch) last night! Normally, Rochester Telephone (Frontier) says that he's too far away from the switch room to support DSL and Time Warner (the local cable company) has never run cable down his street -- leaving everyone that comes to "The Ranch" struggling with one static-laden land line for all voice/data communications to the rest of the world.

For the past two years, I've been using my Android Phone as a 3G tether to get some resemblance of broadband so I could work remotely from The Ranch, but the signal is spotty at best and it always falls back to "Edge" (2G) network, which is only a minor step up from dial-up.

We're all crossing our fingers that when the technician shows up on Tuesday the 3rd that they will be able to get DSL with WiFi installed here! Then we can set up the webcams in heaven!

Wish us luck!

Tags: broadband, internet, the ranch, wifi

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