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Today is "Dump Go Daddy Day"

Over the past couple of weeks, you've probably heard a lot about the Stop Online Piracy Act (a.k.a. "SOPA"), a bill that aims to combat online piracy and copyright infringement. SOPA focuses on websites promoting or hosting illegal content, as well as giving Internet Service Providers (ISPs) the ability to block websites without prior approval from the government. It would also allow companies to ban certain foreign entities who are deemed to be competing with video services (a primary example is Comcast, who owns NBC - Comcast is able to ban those other entities). The bill has obviously been met with a load of opposition.

Last week, Go Daddy, the world's largest ICANN-accredited registrar, announced that it was a supporter of SOPA. It's customers were very quick to respond to the announcement and called a boycott against Go Daddy. The company's users began moving domains away from Go Daddy to other registrars as well. The next day, however, Go Daddy withdrew its support of SOPA, but that still hasn't pleased many of its customers.

Earlier today, Namecheap, another popular domain registrar, accused Go Daddy of delaying transfers of domains to other registrars, a practice that is against ICANN policies.

Now, one Reddit user, selfprodigy, has declared this Thursday, December 29, "Dump Go Daddy Day," asking customers of the company to move their domains elsewhere. The user stated in a letter written to Go Daddy that he/she has moved away 51 small business websites, as well as personal domains because of the registrar's support of SOPA.

A website, http://godaddyboycott.org, has also been started, asking people to pledge their support of boycotting Go Daddy.

On the eve of what has been dubbed "Dump Go Daddy Day," imgur.com — the massive image hosting sites is responsible for an astonishing 28 terabytes of bandwidth and nearly 200 million page views per day — has already changed its registry entries, foreshadowing the potential negative effect of a boycott set to begin Thursday morning.

GoDaddy.com originally supported the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) but quickly recanted its position when the call of a boycott circulated. 'The outcry kind of forced our hand,' imgur founder and owner Alan Schaaf said. 'I'm against the SOPA act and imgur as a company is against it. We just feel it is terrible that GoDaddy.com would support this legislation.

To be clear: chazhome.com and many of my other DNS services are registered with Go Daddy currently. Once they expire, I will move my business elsewhere as well, unless Go Daddy takes appropriate action to ensure they DO NOT support SOPA before then.


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Dec. 29th, 2011 04:48 pm (UTC)
Why not transfer them today?
When you transfer a domain, the DNS servers on it don't change -- unless you're using GoDaddy's, in which case you'll need to update info -- and the period is extended from the existing expiration date, so you don't lose any time you've already paid for.
Dec. 29th, 2011 07:27 pm (UTC)
Re: Why not transfer them today?

I didn't know that my two year subscription would carry over to another provider!

Once I get back home (where I have broadband again), I will look into it and plan on moving my domains over immediately!

Thanks for letting me know about this!
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