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It's getting that time of year again...

Thanks to the lack of sun, increased rain and other extreme weather changes, it seems that my S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is kicking in early this year.

Several comedians have made fun of S.A.D., such as Dennis Leary, who says: "Drink a couple of beers and shovel some snow -- that's how you deal with winter." -- Well, I wish it were that simple.

Many doctors recommend light therapy. During light therapy, you sit or work near a device called a light therapy box. The box gives off bright light that mimics natural outdoor light. Light therapy is thought to affect brain chemicals linked to mood, easing S.A.D. symptoms. Using a light therapy box may also help with other types of depression, sleep disorders and some other conditions. Light therapy is also known as bright light therapy or phototherapy.

Sounds simple until you try to work next to a bright light box, or waste hour upon hour daily with a light box glowing on you. Doesn't that look like so much fun!! (Going to a "New Christy Minstrels" concert would be exciting in comparison!)

I'd prefer not to be on an "artificial" happiness pill.

So, I've learned to isolate myself and deal with my manic mood swings without bringing down everyone around me. I ward off suicidal thoughts with travel to bright/warm or different environments, which tends to work.

What do you do to ward off the winter doldrums?

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