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Buzz Agent / Boston Market

For those of you who know me, you know how opinionated and vocal I can be -- that's a goldmine for the right marketers. I've been a "BuzzAgent" for a number of years now -- a BuzzAgent is a form of rewarded crowd-sourcing to help promote a service or product. I get free (or discounted) stuff/products in exchange for my opinion and for passing that opinion on.... check it out yourself at

Last week, I joined a BuzzCampaign for Boston Market. I haven't been to a Boston Market since I lived in Quincy, MA! There aren't many in New York -- and I typically stay clear of "chain restaurants" when there are so many good sole-proprietorships in the "big apple!" I was doubtful that I would even go to Boston Market, let alone out of my way to eat there.

Since I was going to see Harry Potter II at Lincoln Centre AMC, things worked out well for me and this BuzzCampaign! Boston Market was within walking distance!

I arrived with K.K. and checked in on FourSquare, and as I so often do, I read the "tips" on FourSquare for the place. None of the comments were nice. "Slow service", "Don't speak English well", "Long lines", etc. Well, I must admit, something must have changed there -- as although there was a line, it moved fast. I was greeted with a smile and treated well.

It had been so long since going to a Boston Market, I forgot that (unlike many other fast-food restaurants), they serve dine-in customers with real plates and flatware! That in itself wasn't simply classy, it's eco-friendly! The food was fantastic (especially the mac & cheese side dish, which was very cheesy!) -- there were even alternative fountain drinks (Gold Peak Ice Teas) which I prefer over high fructose corn syrup gunk at the fast-food places...

All in all, I was impressed -- as was K.K.
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