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We're only one vote shy of marriage equality. Can you help?

After Courage members joined the Human Rights Campaign and other allies to call New York State Senators who are undecided on marriage equality, five of them announced over the last two days that they would support the bill! That leaves us just one vote shy of the 32 we need. If the State Senate passes the bill, the Assembly will pass it, Gov. Cuomo will sign it and New York will become the largest state in the union to allow same-sex couples to wed.

Can you make calls to the following swing votes and ask them to support marriage equality? If there is no answer, or a full voice mail, please e-mail them (website links below)

Sen. Greg Ball (Putnam County) (518) 455-3111

Sen. Joe Griffo (Utica) (518) 455-3334

Sen. Mark Grisanti (Buffalo, Grand Island, Niagara Falls) (518) 455-3240

Sen. Andrew Lanza (Staten Island) (518) 455-3215

Sen. Jack Martins (Nassau County/Garden City) 518-455-3265

Here are 3 reasons why your calls matter:

1. The respected Quinnipiac poll showed a record 58% of New Yorkers support equality -- which matches the Siena poll number in April. A recent estimate showed legalizing marriage equality would bring New York State nearly $400 million in economic stimulus -- which means jobs, jobs, jobs.

2. Check out the following quotes from Monday's Gay City News, a NYC-based newspaper, on how calls helped change the minds of two critical swing votes:

[Sens.] Addabbo and Huntley, who both voted against marriage equality in 2009, said constituent polling led them to their change of heart. “As of Friday, 6,015 people have weighed in on this issue and … 4,839 people wanted me to vote yes,” said Addabbo. “So in the end, that is my vote.” Huntley said “the numbers have changed” since 2009, pegging the response from her constituents at “60-40” in favor.

3. Check out this quote from a critical swing vote, Sen. Lanza, in yesterday's New York Times:

Andrew J. Lanza, a Republican senator from Staten Island, said Tuesday that he believed the legislation would pass if brought to a vote. “At this point, if I would vote now, it’s no,” Mr. Lanza said. “I’m trying to determine if that’s where, whenever the vote comes, that’s where I should ultimately be. I’m open to the notion that being a ‘no’ is not the right vote.”

That means your calls can make all the difference. Can you make calls to some or all of the above State Senators today, and ask friends who live in their districts to do so as well?

June 20th, the day the State Senate adjourns, is rapidly approaching. Which means we’re running out of time, but we’re just one vote shy. Your 5 minutes could help win years of equality for same-sex couples.

Thanks for helping push our state over the finish line,

Adam Bink,
Western New York native and Director of Online Programs, Courage Campaign

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