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Quick Catch-Up!

You can see photos from recent events and places I've been to at, such as:

- The 14th Annual Great British Bear Bash
- My London & Paris Trips
- Rochester Rams' Can/Am Weekend
- and a few NSFW naughty photos!

I've been quite busy with work -- learning the business and service models. There's a lot to be done, so I'm not fearful of them running out of work for me anytime soon! I'm even getting used to waking up at 6AM (before the alarm!), getting out the door by 7:15 and being at my desk by 8:30. For those that know me quite well, you know I'm not a "morning person" by any means!

Empire City, M.C. is gearing up for our annual Biker's Weekend -- got a bike? Come to our FREE events which includes a bike blessing, ride out to the countryside and a BBQ! Although the events are free, you must register to attend so we have a proper headcount. We don't want to run out of burgers, dogs and beer! ;-) There is a pool at the BBQ site, so if you're shy, bring swim trunks!

Of course, there's a ton of stuff coming up -- but you all know where to check it out... on Where's Chaz! I've added a column to "Where's Chaz" to indicate when we have guests staying with us in NYC. If you're looking to visit the NYC area and want to stay in our guest room, you now know which days are available!

My big upcoming events are:

- June 3-5, ECMC's Biker Weekend (NYC)
- June 19, Folsom St East (NYC)
- June 26, Gay Pride (NYC)
- July 1-4, Canada Day & Independence Day at "The Ranch" (Al & Dan's)
- August 5-7, Cedar Point Weekend in Sandusky, OH
- August 26-28, Rochester Rams' Run
- September 2-5, Delta International (Washington, DC)

Perhaps I'll see you at some of these events? That would be so nice!

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