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My exciting new job!

As of Wednesday, 13 April 2011 I am officially the United States Service Manager for the New York Stock Exchange! The past three days have been an absolute whirlwind of meeting people and discovering process flow and management. I share a beautiful corner office on the top (29th) floor at 100 Wall St overlooking the East River and Brooklyn with one other person. Check out the view (below) I still can't believe it myself!

My 'NYSE' office!

The down-sides are the pressure that this job will require of me, and the fact that I need to wear a suit and tie everyday in the office. After six years of working from home for IBM, it's a shock to be dressing up again -- especially to the 9's everyday... I need to refresh my wardrobe!

Well, that's the big surprise about my new job.

Sadly, it is an office job (with some business travel), which will put a damper on my working remotely from all over the world... :-(

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