Chaz Antonelli (mc4bbs) wrote,
Chaz Antonelli

Trans-Canada, Day 2

The speed of the train from NYC to Albany was amazing! Considering how fast we made it to Albany-Rensselaer, I almost expected to be in Montréal early! Sadly, as with Amtrak, this was not the case. We had to wait on side tracks several times for other trains to pass us. U.S. and Canadian customs/immigration took more than two hours -- and several people were removed from the train (never to be seen again!!) on both sides of the border. We arrived very late ~21:30. I managed to get some seriously disturbed sleep at 'Sauna Le 456' which was a few blocks from the train station.

This morning came much too soon. I went to the train station, as it's warm and has free WiFi. McDonald's (Quebec) is introducing 'new' breakfast biscuit sandwiches (like we've had in the rest of the world for years) and was giving them away for free as a promotion yesterday and today. I have too much luggage to go wandering around in the cold and snow (the footpaths are not cleared of snow) -- so I'm hanging out here where there's an A/C plug outlet and WiFi until my 15:05 train to Ottawa departs. Yeah, it's kinda boring, but it's warm and I can surf the net!

Next stop: Ottawa! ETA: 17:02

Tags: canada, rail, trans-canada, travel

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