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What?!? No more Caprica?

The SyFy (Sci-Fi) channel ran the last five (new) episodes of Caprica opposite ABC's release of the new series of "V" last night. Of course, my Tivo had Caprica ranked higher than "V" or "No Ordinary Family" - so I'll have to catch them online now.

I watched three episodes of Caprica before bedtime last night -- and just now watched the last two. As a huge Sci-Fi geek, my jaw was on the floor begging for more!! I simply don't believe they're just going to end the series when there was so much potential for so much more!!

*SIGH* SyFy is auctioning off props from the show, so I guess that's a pretty good sign it's over for good... *WAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!*

At least Doctor Who is still going strong! For the first time ever, the Christmas special ran on U.S. television on Christmas Day, just as it does in England!! It was a good episode, with a lot less death than most Dr. Who Christmas Specials! ;-) A great performance from all the actors, especially the guest star Michael Gambon, who plays "Dumbledore" in the Harry Potter movies. The new episode and confidential are in my archive, but not online chazhome.com at this time, as I am awaiting spare parts to bring the main server back online (we're running on our backup system, which does not have enough space for everything!)

Torchwood has been/is being filmed in the western United States, which we're all wondering what it will look like!

K-9 has been revised in Australia apparently on the Disney Channel! 24 episodes have been created and aired for season one in this children's programme which is a second try for "K9 and Company" which only had a pilot. "K9 and Company" is also the basis for the "Sarah Jane Adventures", which just completed it's forth season! There's even a spin-off called "Sarah Jane's Alien Files", which is basically a re-hash of the entire series. (All SJA and SJAF are online chazhome.com)

The spinoff series includes 13 half-hour episodes that have been co-produced by the original creator of K9, Bob Baker. It stars Robyn Moore (Undead / The Horsemen) as June Turner, newcomer Daniel Webber as Darius, and Keegan Joyce (who appeared in Superman Returns) as Starkey.

K9 was brought to the screen as both an animatronic prop and in CGI form. According to the producers: "K9's new updated design is sleek and different to anything seen before – but recognisable to new and old fans."


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Jan. 5th, 2011 06:26 pm (UTC)
I knew the series was cancelled when they pulled it off the air after Stargate Universe (which is also now cancelled), but I didn't know they were airing the remaining episodes last night. That sucks! I guess I'll have to buy the DVD box set to see them :(
Jan. 5th, 2011 06:40 pm (UTC)

I'm sure they'll run it again and again and again -- but sadly, the last five minutes of the last episode show all sorts of cool sneak previews of stuff we'll never see...


Jan. 6th, 2011 07:12 am (UTC)
I found out about the Caprica episode burn-off mini-marathon today. Real helpful, there, SighFie. When Caprica came back for Season 1.5 there was little to no fanfare, and then they dumped this mini-marathon without so much as a smoke signal.

I think they wanted to kill Caprica so they could get to the upcoming, "action-packed," First Cylon War-era Blood & Chrome. I have to tell myself that these are the same television executives who told the BSG reboot producers/writers to make more self-contained episodes in Season Three. And we know how well that went.
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