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Happy Xmas & New Year's Eve

After two weeks in Hemlock/Rochester, NY and a Delta mileage run (ROC-DTW-MEM-LGA) I am back home! I had a very good interview with a prospective technology company just before Christmas and am awaiting the second interview this week -- I have a good feeling about this company, as they make a product that I feel it great! More as this develops.

Up north (Rochester), I visited friends and family and unwound while the rest of the world panicked at airport closures and flight cancellations. I stayed at Al & Dan's (which has no broadband, cable television nor reliable mobile phone signal) -- what a great way to 'unplug', eh?

The Rochester Rams came down for Albert's birthday/New Year's Eve Party. It was a blast. I'll have photos up at later today.

Until then, here are some more cute t-shirts from

It's okay to laugh (or groan!)
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