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Populating my calendar!

In between jobs, I've been busy putting events into my calendar for 2011! The majority is for my trans-Canada trip, with focus on Ottawa, Winnipeg and Seattle, but there's also January to watch out for!

K.K. and I will be going to New England for a couple events in January:

Visiting Dave & Mark in Deerfield, NH (subject to date change) 21-23, January 2011 and The Maine Bears' "Sno-Bear" event in Bangor, ME over the weekend of 28-30, January 2011. It's inexpensive and something different. Interested? Here's their event page on facebook. The run fee is $40/individual or $60 for a couple.

In February, during my trans-Canada trip, K.K. will be joining me over Valentine's Day Weekend in Ottawa for a romantic getaway. We'll be staying at the Weston alongside the Rideau Canal. The canal freezes over in winter and becomes the World's Largest Skating Rink during Winterlude Festival.

I've also updated Where's Chaz? with upcoming events.

I've not forgotten about my work search -- that plods onward as well with many requests for me to apply, but very little call-backs at this time of year.

Tags: canada, snobear, travel, winterlude

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