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I'm Booking 2011 Events Now!

For those of you that closely watch "Where's Chaz", my online travel & event calendar -- you'll have noticed that I've already booking things out into May 2011. There's still a lot of 'empty space', but there are many reasons for this... the main one being an unknown work schedule.

My biggest gripe with my current job is that it requires me to work 12-hour overnight shifts every Thursday, Friday and Saturday (and every other Wednesday) from 8PM ET to 8AM ET -- this means I do not get to have a life (as normal people know it) -- my days off are Monday, Tuesday and every other Wednesday. Don't tell me I'm unappreciative, as am very happy to have a job -- I'm just very dissatisfied with the fact I'm always working every weekend, unless I take it off without pay.

It's a work/life imbalance and I've getting close to the breaking point. Consider this:

- My husband works 11am-8pm M-F. When do we see each other?? When do we sleep together?!?
- My friends work M-F 9-5 and plan everything around the weekend. When do I see them?
- Broadway is dark on Monday and the bars suck. What do I do on my 'days off'?

So, I'm putting coal on the fire and have been applying myself looking for a new job. I have a slew of interviews already this month, and since I'm already working, I can be selective -- not desperate. So, not knowing for sure what my schedule will be in 2011 makes planning difficult...

2011 'Locked In' Plans

January 17-23 ... Visiting Dave, Mark & the kids (goats) in New Hampshire
April 28-May 11 ... Great British Bear Bash, Nottingham, London & Paris

Some things I'd like to do, but haven't planned/locked in yet

January 28-30 ... Sno-Bear Weekend (BGR)
February 4-6 ... Winterlude (YOW)
February 17-21 ... Close Encounters of the Bear Kind - IBR 17 (SFO)
April 7-10 ... Drenched Fur 7 (ERI)
May 20-23 ... Rochester Rams' CanAm Weekend (ROC)
June 3-5 ... ECMC's 47th Annual Biker's Weekend (NYC)
June 30-July 2 ... Spearhead of Toronto 'Mariposa Belle' Canada Day Boat Cruise (YYZ)
July 3-5 ... Independence Day Celebration at Al & Dan's (ROC)
August 26-28 ... Rochester Rams' 36th Annual Leather Run (ROC)
September 15-18 ... Orlando Bear Bash 2011 (MCO)

General things...

— Go somewhere warm for a week/weekend (San Diego, Palm Springs, anywhere) during winter
— Cross-Canada train trip ending in Vancouver (with stops in at least Winnipeg and Calgary)
— Return to Asia at least once in 2011

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