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Back from Scotland, Canada and London!

Although I was waiting for years to go to Scotland with Alex Johnston, he hasn't been in touch for nearly two years -- so I gave in to some friends and went to Edinburgh on my own last week. Edinburgh was lovely, and through a stroke of luck, I was there when the New Town Bar was having their monthly "leather night". Calum went out of his way to show me the city and the countryside and I met up with Yun Mi, a Korean ex-pat that spent a week with K.K. and I in NYC.

The week before Scotland, I went to Spearhead's 40th Anniversary run (at Eagle Lake [near Haliburton, Ontario]) by motorcycle. The weekend before that was the Rochester Rams' 35th Anniversary Run. The week before that, London, England. Photos from all of my travels are online at

I'm back home without any travel plans until "Homecoming" and the Rochester Rams' "Rich Richard's Annual Toy Drive" in Rochester, NY in November. Then I'm off to London for a week!

I also just booked my flight to the Manchester Bears "Great British Bear Bash" over the early May Bank Holiday (28 April thru 2 May, 2011)!

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