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Christians want same protection as Muslims from Comedy Central?

Today's letter from the "American Family Association":

Comedy Central set to blaspheme Christ with "JC" show

The Comedy Central network is planning a cartoon series about Jesus Christ entitled "JC."

Dear Charles,

In its promotional material for the program "JC", Viacom describes Jesus as a "regular guy" - rather than the Son of God - and depicts him moving to New York to "escape his father's enormous shadow." The Father is depicted as an apathetic dad virtually addicted to video games and totally uninterested in his son's life.

So Comedy Central is set - unless we intervene - to blaspheme two-thirds of the Trinity on a weekly basis.

See how we expect Comedy Central to mock Christ by viewing this previous offering of anti-Christian bigotry from the show "South Park." Warning - It is offensive, but depicts the animosity the network has toward Christianity.

Yet in recent weeks Comedy Central bowed to pressure from Islamic groups and heavily censored an episode of "South Park" that showed Mohammed in a bear costume. The hypocrisy here is staggering.

Comedy Central shows more respect for Mohammed and for Muslims, who represent two percent of the American population, than for Jesus Christ and the 83% of Americans who believe in him.

We need to send a loud, clear message to Comedy Central and all potential advertisers of "JC" that this kind of insulting programming is completely unacceptable. If we speak with one voice now we can keep this program from ever seeing the light of day.

Sign our petition today and make your voice heard. This petition, with your signature on it, will be sent to the decision-makers who will determine whether this program airs.

So, here are my points:

- If you're offended, don't watch. Do not tell me I can't watch/support it.
- You got your way with the "V Chip" -- now use it and shut up!
- Comedy Central was WRONG to cave into Islamic groups and they shouldn't cave to CHristian groups either!

Thanks for re-broadcasting the video with everything taken out of context -- it made me laugh thinking you think people will believe only your viewpoint. Isn't that what started rebellion against religion to begin with? You tried to control every aspect of everyone's lives -- starting with freedom of speech and the press.

I'd sort of sad to see the public is turning it's back on all sorts of religion, as I believe there could be a good use for them... However, because they're being proven to be the biggest hypocrites in the world from such examples as priests that abuse and molest children, sexually frustrated nuns that take their pent up sexual aggressions on children to Ted Haggard (who was a drug using closeted homosexual), they are losing their flocks in record numbers.

Thank goodness for the internet, where freedom of speech and mass-communication can't be stopped by you lot!

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