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Groan... Strain... Squeeze!

I've been very busy ramping up my new position with IBM.

Unfortunately my new department is 24x7, 365 days a year, and (of course), as I am the new guy on the team, will be working the overnight/weekend shift (8pm-8am alternate Wednesdays and every Thursday, Friday and Saturday) -- work/life balance is out the door (at least for now) ...but, a job's a job in this economy and I'm "in the door" again.

I've paid my dues with IBM before, working the 7pm-7am shift for a year in Rochester, NY before being promoted. There is a chance radical changes will happen after the first few months, as this a totally new position.

I come into this position with the knowledge of what led to the creation of this department and intimately knowing some of the customers, procedures and problems. Who thought I'd ever miss Starwood?

In other work-related news, the other company I interviewed with looks very promising, and it's an "exempt/salaried" day job, M-F 10am-6pm in the Wall Street area. If they offer, I'll bite -- but since there's no conflict of interest, I could logically work both jobs -- if I reduce hours at IBM to just the weekend shift. This could be a win-win-win for IBM, the other employer as well as myself! Of course, I'm putting the cart before the horse; this was only the second (technical and management) interview with the other company... There are others to be interviewed before call-backs for the third round of interviews takes place.

Tonight the New York Bear Den is hosting and the beneficiary of Will Clark's Porno Bingo at Pieces Bar from 8pm-10pm.

Special guests include: Wendy Ho, Lester Greene and Amanda -- and of course, members of the New York Bear Den will be there to meet and greet you (and sell you $1 bingo cards!)

If you're in the NYC area, we hope to see you there!

The New York Bear Den has been an ongoing volunteer organization that fosters friendship and camaraderie among all men that identify themselves as "bears" (a "bear", in our definition of the word, is a gay, bisexual or transgendered man with an average to large build, who may or may not have body hair and/or facial hair, a typically rugged (butch) demeanour, a tempered maturity and an optional interest in leather. NOTE: This includes those typically known as "cubs", "chubs", "chasers", and their male admirers, regardless of their own particular attributes or physical qualities).

We provide a hate-free, alcohol-free, attitude-free space to socialize once a month where you can sit back, relax, chat, play games, and make friends with woofy guys of all ages, races, types and interests.

Yeah, you have to go to Queens (two stops out of Manhattan on the E train) for our monthly gathering, but the space is awesome and intimate, unlike the Centre in Manhattan -- which is akin to a high school.

If you haven't been to any of our events/gatherings in the past 12 months, why not?!? If you haven't heard of the N.Y. Bear Den by now, it's time to come out of your cave and sniff around.

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