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Great Balls of ???

In my ever-striving effort to discover the reason man exists, I've dipped my big toe into the world of art from time to time... most of it is rubbish. Then there's something that just scrams "this could be art!!" (kinda like going into Mark Groaning's studio at Hillside...)

I entitle these photo-shopped images "Great Balls of Blank", the subsets are: "Volcano Bollocks", "Bollocks at Church", "Paging Dr Bollocks" and "Bollocks at a Funeral"

You too can be an artist! If you use Paint Shop Pro, download the transparent bollocks shadow and layer it on top of what ever image you like -- perhaps a keyboard? your boss? your sleeping college room-mate? in outer space? anything goes, and it's not "dirty" if done for "art's sake"!! Yah-hoo! Carte blanc! Enjoy!

(My original inspiration was from this, the original photo.)

Tags: art, bollocks, humour
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