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[Jewish?] "Muslims" Threaten To Kill South Park Creators

New York-based, American Muslims Threaten To Kill South Park Creators!!

Threats are from "Revolution Muslim"

Revolution Muslim YouTube Channel:

Revolution Muslim Website:

If if the website URL doesn't work, try the Google cached version here:

It's imperative that we do NOT tolerate this behaviour. Everyone needs to blaspheme Muhammad. They can't kill us all!

See IMAGES of Muhammad (thanks, Google for not censoring them!) here:

HOWEVER: Before you get all up in arms, what's this? Jews posing as terrorists? Watch this video:

Matt and Trey respond to the threats.

What's the answer?

Disband DHS (Department of Homeland Security), completely withdraw from the Middle East, including pulling all financial support for Israel. We shouldn't be involved in this war between the Jews and the Muslims. They've been fighting for centuries, we're not going to be able to stop it. We'll be lucky to contain it.

Let them blow each other up and we'll go in for the oil when they're all dead.

I hate being manipulated by anyone -- and the Zionist controlled media is doing just that to America!

I wouldn't doubt that Zionists are behind the anti-Obama tea-baggers as well! Even the AFA (a Christian organization) has stood up for Jews on several occasions, even though (in their religious belief) the Jews killed their saviour! Is the enemy of my enemy my friend? I think not!

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