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Logan's Run: The Series

While we're on the subject of old 70s television, I'm proud(?) to feature Logan's Run: The Series on my FTP server as of today! I just converted everything over to AVI (Xvid codec). Note: I recommend the free "CCCP" a "Combined Community Codec Pack" to ensure your Windows video/audio players can play everything. If you don't have it, download it here.

"Logan's Run: The Series" was a spin-off by CBS of the very successful sci-fi movie of the same name. The series consisted of a pilot and thirteen sixty minute episodes (listed below).

Logan's Run is about post-apocalyptic (nuclear war) future Earth with limited resources. Society lives in a colossal domed city and their leaders have decided that the population must be limited to those under the age of thirty. On citizen's 30th birthday, they are compelled to partake in a ritual where they are told they'll be "reborn" called "carousel" but in reality, they're simply murdered!

It's the job of a few citizens called "Sandmen" to pursue and kill any citizens who questions carousel and fails to attend on their 30th birthday (or who tries to escape from the city). One of the sandmen (Logan) comes to the realization that those he had been killing were right in their beliefs... that everyone dies at 30. He becomes a 'runner' and is pursued by his old partner who has been promised to live beyond 30 and become an elder if he captured Logan to make an example of him to the population.

Episode guide, and links to download from Chazhome.com:

01. Logan's Run (90 Minute Pilot) (9/16/1977)
02. The Collectors (9/23/1977)
03. Capture (9/30/1977)
04. The Innocent (10/10/1977)
05. Man Out of Time (10/17/1977)
06. Half Life (10/31/1977)
07. Crypt (11/7/1977)
08. Fear Factor (11/14/1977)
09. Judas Goat (12/19/1977)
10. Futurepast (1/2/1978)
11. Carousel (1/16/1978)
12. Night Visitors (1/23/1978)
13. Turnabout (1/30/1978)
14. Stargate (2/6/1978)

I am missing episode 15, "The Playground", sorry. I don't think it aired.

Please: Only download ONE at a time. If you prefer to use FTP software, FTP access information is: server: chazhome.com, userid: videos, password: videos, directory: "/Science Fiction & Fantasy/Logan's Run, The Series (TV)"

Oh, yeah... the first two episodes of the new series of Dr. Who (fifth series) is online chazhome.com at http://chazhome.com/Dr Who/Dr Who 2010.html -- check out the new website look for this series! (Hey, come on... a new Doctor, a new TARDIS, a new companion, a new director? -- I needed to revise the website!)



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Apr. 13th, 2010 02:14 pm (UTC)
Oh this is awesome, thanks so much for sharing! I remember being excited and into this show as a kid, but I can't recall it specifically. This this going to be FUN.
Apr. 13th, 2010 03:19 pm (UTC)

I was excited as well (as a teen); however, re-watching it today makes me really scratch my head and think just how BAD television was back then to actually rush to watch this real-time with commercials and stuff. ;-)

I wonder if Caprica, in 40 years time, will be considered as lame as Logan's Run: The Series is today.

Yikes! We've come a long way baby!

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