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Wow! Not a single comment?

I honestly expected a tsunami of commentary from my last blog entry, but I guess that everyone realizes that forced circumcision to anyone, boy or girl, whether or not allowed by their parents or not, should be a crime against humanity.

Due to the press we're getting, online discussion/commentary sections connected to them reveal the true pulse of the public, even when the article is clearly not in favour of the MGM Bill! I'll have more on the MGM Bill in my next post... until then, allow me to tell you about something else going on:

Empire City, M.C. News

The NEW Empire City Motorcycle Club website is now online! Check it out and let me know if you notice any errors please!

Starting 7th April 2010, Empire City, M.C. will resume meeting at "The Centre", 208 W 13th St, New York, NY 10011 from 8pm-9pm. All bikers & prospects are welcome!

There are many events and rides in our "Rides & Events" calendar - if you're a safe rider, you're welcome to join us for them! Contact our Road Captain for information about any of the events in our calendar.

Spring is coming! I intend to be on my bike again this weekend!
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