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Fu*k IML! Register with Fort Troff instead!

 A less cotly, more fun alternative to IML! 

Announcing a full-on dungeon party for SERIOUS players.

This PRIVATE event will be held in a convenient midtown New York location.

The location will be disclosed ONLY to ticket holders,
and only a few days prior to the event.

In the spirit of our infamous Fort Troff Maneuvers, we will have all of the components
you have come to expect from us. We are supplying ALL of the equipment including
12 Slings, Fuck Benches, and a Bondage Cross. And as if that wasn't enuff, there
will be a watersports room, SM Demos, and a dark n sleazy room.

Like all Maneuvers parties, we will have a strict Dress Code.

We are STOKED. This promises to be pig mayhem, in the finest Fort Troff tradition.
We will have a limited number of tickets that we will be offering.

There's been more chatter about about IML (Chuck Renslow's leather beauty pageant) -- but, many of the folk I've been chatting with (business owners, leather community, other bloggers and such) for the most part felt that Chuck's micro-management of the event and the people attending had gone too far last year when he announced that merchants who had anything to do with supporting "bareback" materials would be banished (see my blog entry about it here).

Many of us have felt the only way to get the message across that we're not going to take it it to vote with our feet. Boycott IML. Boycott the leather marketplace.

Although I don't personally agree with barebacking/barebackers, outlawing the sale of bareback media at IML is unconscionable. He's not going to stop nor prevent barebacking, just as he didn't stop the use/sale of methamphetamines in the leather community three years ago with his little speech about the evils of them. He's only going to push the barebacking community deeper underground.

It's virtually the same as when Rudy Giulian closed all the bath-houses in NYC when the AIDS epidemic started. It didn't stop sex from happening -- it just pushed it underground. When something is underground and hidden from view, there's no way to easily educate men who are partaking in such events...

Barebacking videos, photos and stories provide a safe alternative to the real thing. Any adult (and only adults are allowed into the marketplace) knows the risks of barebacking. Censoring barebacking media from IML is NOT the answer!!

If Chuck succeeds in getting his way, what's next? No fisting or watersports? No bondage or S&M? This is a slippery slope, Chuck. Who are you to dictate to the leather community what they can buy, watch or do behind closed doors?


Looking for consensual man-on-man sex? Come to the Fort Troff parties instead!

Looking for a fun time in Chicago over Memorial Day weekend? Go to Bear Pride, Chicago (which also has a marketplace which isn't censored!)

Whatever you want, just remember that Chuck Renslow isn't "old guard" by any means. He's only looking for profit and power at the expense of what used to be an honourable community.

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