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In the past 14 days, I've been to London, Boston and San Francisco!

18-SEP: My first full day in London -- alone. Dave Pike wasn't able to join me on this trip (in fact, he's in hospital today for a hernia operation, which is why he couldn't join me). I made plans for two excursions: 1) The Royal Observatory at Greenwich (which was to close in five minutes the last time I was there) and 2) the tour of the Houses of Parliament (House of Lords and House of Commons).

Typically, whilst travelling with UK citizens, they are hesitant to tour Parliament, as they've either "done it before" or the queue was too long -- it must have been my lucky day, as I purchased my ticket at 15:05, and my tour was to begin at 15:15!! I was in without delay!

You can [virtually] tour the Royal Observatory from the internet! Just click here to check it out! There are two main paths to follow: the Astronomy galleries and the Time galleries. Have fun!

I must admit it was fascinating to see the sheer number of people taking photos of themselves and friends whilst standing on the Prime Meridian in Greenwich!! It made me proud to be a geek!

See photos on my Online Photo Album. Sorry -- no TARDIS sightings. :-(

19-SEP: In Soho (London), I saw Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, the musical - which was a fun adventure full of surprises, even if you've seen the movie! I have heard rumours that it will be coming to (New York's) Broadway in 2010 -- I think it will give "Mamma Mia!" a run for it's money!

20-SEP: My extreme online group, had a face-to-face gathering at The Hoist's NBN Night. We had over a dozen people from all over the world show up -- which is pretty impressive! This was our third such meet-up party at The Hoist in the past 12 months, and each one is more successful than the last!

22-SEP: I left London for Boston, spending only several hours in Boston.

25-SEP: I departed Newark Airport (EWR) for San Francisco (SFO) with a lay-over in Dallas Fort-Worth (DFW) to meet up with my buddy Greg Hill (whom I met exactly 51 weeks prior at the Golden Gate Guards run). I wanted to immediately hit the Lone Star and the Eagle upon touch-down, but we never made it there...

26-SEP: I was a volunteer at a 15 Association pre-Folsom St Fair Play Party above Mr S leather shop. I managed to meet (for the first time face-to-face) one of the co-moderators of my extreme online group, -- it was great to meet "C" in person, especially after being in London one week prior meeting with my other co-moderator, "M"! The party was wild and was reminiscent to the hard-core play of "Cabin 4" at both the Rochester Rams and Spearhead Runs.

27-SEP: Folsom St Fair! Sadly, I was only there from about noon to 14:30. As usual, it was simply mental -- tons of people. See photos on my Online Photo Album.

29-SEP: It was the 70th Anniversary of the Wizard of Oz. Although threat of rain and a chilly evening, some New York Bear Den members managed to show up and had a blast on rumsey playfield (in Central Park) for a free Netflix screening of the new 70th Anniversary Special Re-Mastered HD version of the classic movie and a LIVE concert (as opposed to a dead one?)

Time to breathe and hunker back down to job hunting and ECMC affairs that need tending to... I leave you with this wacky news:

Think flying economy is bad now? New aircraft design puts passengers face-to-face in rows for budget travel.

Air travel is being overhauled with a new aircraft design which plans to seat passengers facing each other in rows.

The controversial design is intended to save space and money and could see 50 per cent more passengers packed on to each plane.

Howard Guy, director of the UK company Design Q, acknowledges that some people will not be happy with the plan, but says they will be able to pay less for any inconvenience.... read more

In other news... did you hear about the grandmother who was arrested for buying cold medicine twice in 1 week? read all about it here

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