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The next big bike ride!

Last weekend KK and I went on a long-distance bike ride to Hillside Campground. See the route we took here.

This weekend, we're planning a Catskills Mountain trip (the basic route is here) with the City Cruisers.

On the job front, I've been asked to apply for a Service Delivery Manager position with a major competitor of IBM. I'm in their "HR system" now and awaiting their lengthy interview process, but I feel confident that this position will be the apex of my IT career.

The position has exactly the level of project management and customer account management that appeals to my desire for customer interaction, command and control, travel and responsibility that would be a perfect fit for me!

Perhaps being laid off from IBM is the best thing that could have happened for me! I was frustrated with the position I held there the past two years, but loved the position I was in prior (with the exception that I had virtually no "wiggle room" with a very difficult customer.)

So, wish me luck on the long road ahead towards my new career!

Tags: bcrs, ibm, motorcycle, travel

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