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I am back from the Rams' Run!

I rode my motorcycle from Manhattan, NY to Lyndonville, NY on Thursday/Friday with a Thursday night stop-over in Hemlock, NY, then drove straight home from Lyndonville, NY to Manhattan yesterday (the 28th of June). I just managed to stay behind of one storm-front and ahead of another storm-front, thus avoiding wet roads, rain and nasty riding conditions.

The Rams' Run was rather lightly attended this year, with just 33 persons (including the members of the Rams!); however, that didn't stop us from having a great weekend! (For the sordid details, you'll simply have to ask me in person, as I was sworn to internet secrecy!)

We lucked out and is did NOT rain on us at all during the weekend; however, the rain from the prior week caused a lot of standing water in the swamp, which bread mosquitoes that could carry away a small child!

I'm currently home doing laundry and housekeeping.

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