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Where's Chaz?

Sigh... I've joined the rank of non-travelling, ordinary people (at least for now).

All my travel plans are 'up in the air' for now, The 2009 "Where's Chaz" calendar has been mostly cleared.

Dave was hospitalized while I was in Asia for unknown back/chest pains shortly after he was laid off from work. (This is a recurring theme lately, isn't it? When is the economy going to recover for us?) Dave and I are still planning on going to the Rams' Run -- 26-29 June 2009.

No one has enquired about my trip to Asia; therefore, I'm not going to bother to write about it here. If you see or call me, ask me about it, if you care to.

My parents are visiting me this weekend -- if the airport ever resumes flights in the wind and rain of today. We've got a full long weekend planned.

Next week, I'm going to start to hunker down and job hunt...

On a happier note, the new CHAZHOME01 super-server is online! It has over 5TB of RAID 5 storage and a screaming dual-core CPU with dual-channel memory -- all this power (Marvin: "the brain the size of a planet.") to serve your websurfing needs. Chaz' jukebox is back online!

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