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Chaz' May Antics...

CanAm Weekend: 14-18 May 2009

Over Victoria Day weekend, I was in Rochester, NY visiting my parents and friends. The Ottawa Knights hosted the CanAm Barnight this year, but there were many Spearhead members and other Canadians present as well! See all the photos here.

Motorcycle Retrieval & Storm the State House: 20-21 May 2009

I flew to Boston and got my motorcycle out of winter storage. It's here in NYC now. I'm still waiting for a permanent parking solution from the building management... Sigh. Of course, there was drama getting my bike started (the battery died over the winter).

Orlando Trip - Memorial Day Weekend: 22-24 May 2009

Then over the next weekend (Memorial Day weekend), KK and I went to Orlando Florida! KK recorded a complete video of the two best coasters at Universal Studios from our Memorial Day Weekend trip there -- check 'em out:

Photos from our trip can be seen here. We also took a helicopter ride -- which you can see in its entirety here.

Prop 8 Protest in Union Square: 26 May 2009

On Tuesday we got the devastating news that California upheld Prop 8. We marched and protested in New York. See photos here.

ECMC Biker Weekend: 29-30 May 2009

This weekend is the 45th Annual Empire City Motorcycle Club's Bike Blessing and Biker Picnic! For details, please read this or CALL ME!

Chaz in Asia: 01-13 June 2009

Tue 02-JUN-09 I arrive in Bangkok around midnight and meet up with KK. - Check into the Babylon B&B

Wed 03-JUN-09 Leisurly stroll around Bangkok, dinner with KK's local friends... most likely at the Navy Pier, behind the royal palace grounds, adjacent to the river.

Thu 04-JUN-09 Leisure day around Bangkok. Check out of Babylon B&B and check into Dusit Thani hotel.

Fri 05-JUN-09 Touring sights outside of Bangkok: the floating market in Damnersaduak, bridge by River Kwai and tiger sanctuary in Katchanaburi.

Sat 06-JUN-09 A nice, lazy morning, checkout and last minute shopping. We then depart for Hong Kong. I will be on Emirates EK384, KK will be taking Kenya KQ860. Take express train into Hong Kong island, check into IBIS Northpoint. We'll have dinner and laze around until Susan's arrival (a friend from NYC).

Sun 07-JUN-09 Dim sum in Hong Kong with Tina. Most likely going to the south side of the island (Aberdeen or Stanley) for dim sum. May be able to take a sampan ride and see the boat village. Shopping in Stanley Market. Dinner and cocktails in Central/MidLevels on Hong Kong island.

Mon 08-JUN-09 Kowloon/TsimSaTsui. Exploring the side streets.

Tue 09-JUN-09 A day trip to Macao. Perhaps a little gambling action on the side.

Wed 10-JUN-09 Trip to Ocean Park and ride the roller coaster!

Thu 11-JUN-09 Hong Kong Disneyland on Lantau Island. Check out of IBIS Northpoint Hong Kong island, check into Novotel Citygate Lantau island.

Fri 12-JUN-09 I depart to return home....

Where's Chaz (When in NYC)?

Several folks have asked me: Where exactly do I live in Manhattan? Well, here are two angles of my flat:

The first photo is a view of our building from the south, looking north. The second photo is from the east, facing west.

I know my blog entries have been sparse lately -- sorry about that. At least my photo album is filling up!!

FYI: Chaz' Jukebox remains OFFLINE until I get a new hard drive for the RAID array for the new Chazhome server.

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