March 9th, 2020

Keep Walking

The Hunt For My Biological Parents

Alex and Judy Antonelli with me, Chaz Antonelli, their adopted son
Alex and Judy Antonelli with me, Chaz Antonelli, their adopted son

As some of you may know, others might not, when I was born in the 60s, I was adopted as an infant by a very loving family (the three of us are in the photo on the right).

 I've always known them as my Mom and Dad; however, they were honest with me and let me know that I was adopted and not related by blood.

I had enquired various ways to try to locate my birth parents over the years, not because I wanted to replace my adoptive parents, but because I was curious — and I suspect that my birth mother would be too...  How did things work out for me?  Did I have a happy childhood?  Etc.  On my side, I was interested in knowing about the family I wasn't a part of, and family health history — as that is a good indicator of how mine would be too!

I wrote to the state capital to get any information they had on my birth parents.  They sent me to the agency that managed the adoption.  That agency provided me with a 8-1/2" x 11" paper with some vital birth information, but nothing that was truly personally identifiable.  I learned some new things, such as:

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Keep Walking

Do you remember Chaz' Jukebox?

In the not so distant past, I ran Chaz' Jukebox, an FTP site with over 50,000 mp3s, some quite rare, some from vinal th

at you can't find anywhere else, some just plain stupid (like "Weird" Al Yankovic's "Spatula City" from the soundtrack of UHF (the film).

Well, it hasn't gone away!  In fact, it's even bigger with even more mainstream and eclectic mp3s ...but, that's not all!  We also have over 28,000 films and television show episodes!

Remember when I was in Boston and the downloads sort of sucked?  Not any longer!  We now have 1,000MB/s (1GB/s) fibre optic connection.

The only thing I don't do now is publish the credentials you require to download from the site.

So... if you're interested in getting access, send an e-mail to and ask me for FTP access.

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