February 21st, 2019

Keep Walking

Back to post a thing or two...

It was an unusual "homecoming" this past weekend. I flew into Boston for the weekend to welcome a friend who just moved to the region from Texas for a fantastic job opportunity. The date was completely unplanned and I almost didn't notice it... I arrived in Boston on 15 February 2019, the exact date I moved to Boston in 2003, only 16 years later. Although we arrived late on Friday and didn't do too much, Saturday was chock-full of activity, including:

— Brunch at Kelly's Diner in Somerville
— Buying baked goods at Clear Flour Bakery
— The MIT Museum in Cambridge
— A4cade at Roxy
— An ESCAPE ROOM (my first!) at Boxaroo in Government Centre
— Dinner at Buttermilk & Bourbon in the Back Bay

Sunday was a mileage run back home to NYC via Atlanta to bookend the mileage run wee took on our way from NYC to Boston via MSP and DTW!
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Keep Walking

Where's Chaz Updated & New Calendar!

As you all are aware by now, I post my "at-a-glance" travel calendar online for all to see at http://where.chaz.nyc/ and I update it nearly every month with my plans not only to encourage you to come along, but for my own benefit so I can easily see what I am doing.

I just updated the calendar with a few new items and a few revised items, but it occurred to me that even though at the bottom of the page there's a link to my full hour-by-hour calendar, many don't see it because it's in an "iframe", which some browsers disallow.

To resolve this, I created a new subdomain, http://cal.chaz.nyc which will provide a full-screen of my hour-by-hour calendar without the need to navigate all over the place. I hope it's helpful.

2019 is shaping up to be another VERY busy year, including travel during the entire month of April, a trip to Sint Maarten for my birthday (also a few other people with the same birthday as me will be there!), several 55th Anniversary of ECMC events and even MORE travel!

Check out my calendar -- come along, or if you're coming to NYC, see if we'll be in town and maybe we can put you up and take you around the town!
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