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Where have I been? Where am I going?

GBBB12 Great British Bear Bash!

After recovering from my UK trip (London, Salisbury, Bath, Cardiff, Nottingham and then Manchester for the Great British Bear Bash #12), it was the New Star Trek movie with Empire City Motorcycle Club & the New York Bear Den, The Urban Bear Weekend and Furball in NYC!

No time to rest -- it was off to Rochester, NY for the Rochester Rams CanAm weekend (hosted by the Ottawa Knights) for Victoria Day Weekend! Tomorrow it's up to Boston and New Hampshire to get my motorbike out of cold storage for the MMA's Storm the State House run! Then -- I return to NYC Thursday night to pack for Orlando, FL for Memorial Day weekend!

... but wait, there's more!

Friday the 29th is ECMC's Bike Blessing at Ty's and then on the 30th, the Biker Picnic!

I have ONE day of rest, then it's off to Hong Kong and Bangkok! As always, tells all!

Tags: ecmc, gbbb, mma, travel

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