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I've re-materialized in new York City

I am back from England -- however, I'm quite busy catching up on things that have been happening whilst I was away...

This is Urban Bear Weekend in New York, as well as Fur Ball weekend in NYC, as well as the AMCC All-Club Bar Night at Triangle Cafe in Danbury, CT.

Tonight, a group of New Yorkers will be joining me for a trip to see "Star Trek: The IMAX Experience"

Phew! My plate's quite full!!!

On Thursday, I do a mileage run on Delta Airlines to Rochester, NY for The Rochester Rams' CanAm weekend!

On the home-front, literally THOUSANDS of new songs have been added to Chazhome! Be sure to check out the new HedKandi sets in Various Artists -> DJ HedKandi.

While I'm busy, check out new photos from my trips at:

2009-05-02 GBBB 12
2009-04-25 Cardiff & Cardiff Castle
2009-04-24 Roche Court - East
2009-04-21 Bath, UK


Tags: bears, rams, travel
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