August 10th, 2013

Keep Walking

Road Trip -- Washington, DC and home in 48 hours!

Good news: We managed to avoid any "real rain" (real rain: getting a wet butt or socks/feet or stay wet the entire trip) -- we really dodged some heavy rains!

Bad news: Hours of hot and nasty sitting in a carpark that used to be the I-95. Construction on the I-95 has caused serious travel issues all along the eastern seaboard and is to be AVOIDED at all costs. Secondary, tertiary and even side-roads are ALSO jam-packed due to "smart GPS units" re-routing people off the I-95.

Better news: On Friday, before we left we re-assessed and chose the longer distance path which has less traffic. The I-495 and I-270 were a bit slow (even with use of te HOV lanes!), once we were beyond Clarksburg, MD the roads opened up...

Wrong turns = adventure! As you can see from the adjusted map (link), we made two wrong turns, the first as we approached Lancaster, PA. My ODO stated 50 miles, yet US-222 exit was to be at MM47. Did we miss it? Get off, gas up, check GPS. DUH. It was just ahead! The next goof-up was in Reading, PA -- the US-222 was a left turn (which we missed) and had no idea that we missed it, until ~7M later when we saw a "to US-222" sign pointing left before an intersection. It was a cool diversion though! PA-73 was an eerie road with ground fog and some cool twisties!

We got home safe and sound around 11PM.