January 9th, 2013

Keep Walking

Happy New Year -- 2013!

Wow - I've been neglecting my blog.

Since my lay-off at NYSE (many others were let go as well), I've been busy job-hunting in between various short trips to Rochester, Washington DC, New Hampshire, Boston, even quick trips to Hawai'i and Istanbul.

As always, my schedule is online at http://chazhome.com/WheresChaz

If any of my loyal readers has any clue as to potential careers for me, please drop me a line. I've a wide breadth of commercial I/T skills from UNIX Administration and I/T Project Management to Service Delivery and Transition Management.

I'd prefer a work-from-home with 50%-70% customer-facing travel position, but I am not restricted to that -- whilst at NYSE, I was in my New York office 95% of the time. I would not want to travel daily outside of the range of the New York Subway/New Jersey PATH network.

Hear of anything? Let me know!