July 11th, 2012

Keep Walking

What to do for my birthday?

My birthday is a few weekends from now -- and this year it falls on a Sunday!

I'm considering a day-trip motorcycle ride to go hiking, but need to consider my options.

Does anyone have any suggestions for my birthday between noon on Friday, July 27th through 5pm on July 29th?

In other news, as president, I've been very busy with Empire City M/C this year -- we've already done more this year than the past seven! We had an awesome Motorcycle Weekend, with our annual bike blessing and this year, a trip to Hemlock, NY (The Ranch) for an overnight stay. We were all present at Folsom Street East with our "Biker for a day" photo shoot, and we had nine riders at the Gay March in Manhattan! Two weekends ago, we celebrated Canada Day and Independence Day at The Ranch with a daily motorcycle jaunt to various locations in the fingerlakes!

Photos of all of these events can be seen at photos.chazhome.com -- check 'em out, and do consider coming along with us for some of these upcoming events:

- Hillside Campground/NEPA's Motorcycle Weekend
- See DRAM in Deep River, CT
- AMCC Barnight at the D.C. Eagle
- Rochester Rams' Run
- Rams' Run to Toronto, Ontario, Canada!