June 1st, 2012

Keep Walking

ECMC's Biker Weekend begins today!

Once again, I find myself posting less and less personal content to the internet (blogging, facebook, Google+, twitter, etc.) -- This isn't a good nor a bad thing, it's just a thing. Once upon a time, it was cool and hip. Blogging was rare. Now everyone does it, like it or not, so it's lost it's uniqueness. Only a handful of people could be considered even remotely "successful" in the blog-o-spehere, for example: "Joe. My. God." -- even so, I find I'm reading them less and less.

Today is the start of Empire City M/C's 2012 Biker Weekend!

Empire City M/C hosts our annual bike blessing tonight at 7pm at Ty's Bar in Greenwich Village. Everybody is welcome to attend and (if they have a motorcycle) get their bike blessed! It's quite a sight to see all those bikes on Christopher Street!

Saturday and Sunday will be our annual biker's picnic -- and this year is a return to the weekend-long format! It kicks off Saturday morning with breakfast in New York City at a classic diner/luncheonette. We'll depart from breakfast at 9AM, riding up some beautiful roads, meeting up with more bikers at our first gasoline stop in New Jersey. Then, it's onward to a free biker lunch at "Honest Eddie Murphy's Tap Room" in Hancock, NY. We'll continue our ride, arriving at "The Ranch" around dinnertime for our annual free biker's BBQ (a steak & chicken dinner). We'll party at The Ranch and spend the night. On Sunday morning, ECMC will make our guests breakfast and take them home through some wonderful twisties in the finger lakes region with a fantastic photo op in Watkins Glen, NY!

We've got 27 bikers involved with the weekend-long motorcycle trip!

Although the bike christening/blessing is open to all, the Saturday/Sunday trip is for males only and no four-wheeled vehicles are allowed! As always, it is a motorcycle-only trip!